The Road Coat | Review

Micah still sits in a car seat as this is safest place for him (due to his height & weight), in any vehicle. We already knew wearing a bulky winter coat in a car seat is dangerous, so we were hoping to find something new for this year.

the search

We were searching for a coat Micah could wear this winter; warm enough outside of the car in Michigan’s winter wonderland, and lightweight enough to wear safely in his car seat. In the past, we have resorted to wearing hoodies and bringing winter coats along for the ride. Then we heard about this coat:


The Road Coat® Vegan – Platinum

look & overall quality


Initially, we were worried about the color “Platinum” maybe being too shiny or silver-looking but it actually looks really nice and matches his grey Star Wars hat perfectly!

construction & materials

The stitching looks strong and overall construction of the coat looks well-made. No loose threads or places that look cheap or easy to rip. It’s vegan (not made of down) and allergy friendly. It also comes with a sweet carrying pouch that holds the coat (rolled up) very nicely.

Check it out:

autism-sensory friendliness

So far, so good, geniuses! Usually, by the second car ride in a new coat, Micah is biting the collar and ruining the top of the zipper. Not with the The Road Coat. We think it’s probably for two main reasons:

  • It’s soft.
  • The zipper is hidden.

The polyester shell fabric seems like it would be just like any other winter coat but the fabric is much softer and doesn’t rub against Micah’s face and bother him like some of his other coats.

Micah is quite the escape artist, so one thing we REALLY like about this coat is that it hides the car seat straps. Yes, geniuses. This coat hides them. It’s almost like because he can’t see the straps in there, it doesn’t bother him. Time will tell on that one, though. We’ll keep you posted!

Check it out:

As you can see in the video, there is also a non-slip surface inner front layer prevents harness strap & chest buckle from slipping and pretty sweet red stitching as a marker that shows the positioning for the chest clip of the car seat straps.

Once indoors, Micah is able to independently take the coat off, with two layers it is very similar to any other winter coat. He just pulls the velcro closure apart from the outer front layer and then easily unzips the inner layer.

So, geniuses, if you are looking for a new coat that’s safe for the car seat and sensory-friendly to replace your child’s winter coat, look no further! We haven’t tried out any of the other coats, but the The Road Coat® Vegan – Platinum gets an A+ from the Genius family!

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