Daddy Genius: Stories of Autism


Hi, my name is Michael.

These are my stories.

Mainly stories about Autism, family, friends.

The proverbial good, bad and the ugly of life.

You see I have a son named Micah who turned 8 years old in February.

He is non-Verbal/Autistic and he has a thyroid disorder that (thanks to a faulty newborn screening program in MI) went undiagnosed from birth until almost 3 years old.

You see when a baby doesn’t have enough thyroid from birth it causes brain damage.

Specifically the part that controls speech and memory among other things.



We have our ups and downs for sure but it’s so much more than that.

There’s the euphoric love and joy of having the son I always wanted, and then there’s the muck…

The unfiltered pains, sorrows and worries of having a child who will always be a child…

Who I can never leave alone by himself….

Who I am in a constant state of alertness of where he is at all times…

And having to think about what would happen to him if I wasn’t here to take care of him.

Oh! And let’s not forget “forever changing diapers”.

I have now been changing diapers for about 11 years now with no breaks.

I started with my daughter and now my youngest is potty trained finally however Micah still is not.

And the poop stories… let’s not forget those… so… many… poop stories…

Poop has literally been everywhere… mouth, hair… you name it, it’s been there.

If one thing is for certain, there will be poop stories in this blog.

But hey, I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. This is an introduction after all!

Meet my lovely wife Jessica!

She is the brains of the operation.

The one who first had the motherly instinct that something was not right with Micah, even with me convinced that he was just a late bloomer… Isn’t she pretty?!


Then there’s my step son and step daughter Tre’ and Eunissa!

Tre’ is 17 right now and Eunissa is 11.

I’ve raised Tre’ from 6 years old till now and Eunissa from well, basically her whole life! LOL



And last but certainly not least meet Eli!

He’s 5 years old and has just started Kindergarten. He can make you laugh like no one else and boy does he talk!!


Now I know what you’re thinking. “How do they have a Mexican mom, a white dad and then two of the kids are black??”
Well that’s a story for another time.
Let’s just say our house is like the United Nations. We’re only missing a few other nationalities…
Or maybe one day we’ll adopt and have a baseball team!!
I’m sure you’ll get to know them more as time goes on!

Well, thanks for visiting!

I look forward to sharing our stories of Autism!

Daddy Genius




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