Every kid is different…

Every kid is different…except when it comes to newborn screening? Say what?

Newborn screening cutoffs and standards are in place to detect diseases that often have devastating consequences. Do children develop at different rates? Of course they do. However, if a child’s CH is left untreated, the odds are against their chances of “normal” growth and development.

During my never-ending research I found these links on the NBS programs for the UK and Australia. Based on these values, it would seem like the United States would benefit greatly by adopting a universal newborn screening program, not sure why ALL children (regardless of the State they were born in) would not deserve an equal chance at brain/body development?!

UK Newborn Screening Programme Centre:

Australiasian Paediatric Endocrine Group – http://www.apeg.org.au/Portals/0/documents/guidelines

Do you know what the TSH cut-off for the newborn screening program in YOUR state is?