Why does #gluten make us feel like #TheWalkingDead?

Photo Credit: http://www.randyotter.com/

Topic#1: Gluten & Thyroid Disease

If you or your child is eating gluten and has a thyroid disorder it is very possible those meltdowns have nothing to with autism and all to do with the way they feel physically. 

Why? The protein portion of gluten is called GLIADIN. {Boo, we no likey.}

The molecular structure of gliadin closely resembles that of the thyroid gland. NO WAY!? Gliadin can make your immune system ready for battle {like Carol before she made the Terminites look at the flowers} by producing antibodies to this protein. Then those antibodies can cause the body to attack thyroid tissue!
So, what can be done about this, geniuses? {Even Carol can’t can’t save you from gluten.}

If your thyroid disease is associated with gluten intolerance, going on a gluten-free diet could help your thyroid gland naturally function better. If you aren’t eating gluten, your body won’t need to produce antibodies to attack it and these antibodies won’t confuse your thyroid gland for gluten. 

Still skeptical? 

Eliminate gluten for a month to see if you notice any improvements in the function of your thyroid gland and symptoms. If things improve, staying on a gluten-free diet may help you or your child feel and stay healthy. 

What if nothing happens?

What do you have to lose? You aren’t replacing gluten-containing foods, you are simply eliminating those foods for a month and eating all the other choices available. The elimination diet is far less expensive than blood testing for gluten intolerance and may eliminate feeling like #TheWalkingDead. 

Check in daily for more topics about #hypothyroidism during Thyroid Disease Awareness Month…


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