Dear Huff Post Parents: Autism is…

Dear Huff Post Parents:

It’s a simple message, yet many will relate. It’s not about numbers or statistics. It’s not about functioning labels. It’s not about causes, cures, or treatments. Some of us are just in the “thick of it” and everything is so new. Some of us are scrambling within the proverbial “window of opportunity” to be sure we do all we can to help our children succeed. I hope this will help all who are doing our best to help our children – verbal or non-verbal, talented or even genius, bio-med or behavioral therapy, public school, homeschool, un-school…whatever the situation. I know there are so many ways to explain autism to someone – depending on the day, so a few parents and adults (some were autistic adults!) gave their ideas and input into this video I am about to share. Myself and a few other parents helped write the script for my oldest two children to read the voiceover for. (Thanks kids!)

One thing we can all agree on – Autism IS a spectrum. No matter how or what X + Y + Z resulted in an autism diagnosis, the same is true for all. Those affected by autism…they are valuable and worthy of love and acceptance. I pray this helps you to understand how unique each and every person with autism is…

We decided to start a non-profit to help give non-verbal children the “other means” this video is talking about. Why?
Because our son matters. Because non-verbal people matter. They have worth. Because we BELIEVE that just because a person can’t speak doesn’t mean they don’t have anything important to say. Their opinions matter. They deserve a “voice.”
We believe our son and his story are going to help many children. We believe our Vision will take off and our goal of 1 iPad bundle for 1 child per month will be met and many children will reap the benefits of a communication device.
April 2014 is only the beginning.
Please share this video, we would love to see it go viral for Micah and for the many other families who are on similar journeys.
Here is the YouTube link:
Carry on, geniuses! 
Thank you,

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