Non-Verbal Scripting

So, this is the third time Micah has done this so I think it’s time to give it a name:

Non-Verbal Scripting: Replaying TV shows or movie scenes over and over again on a communication device  – with a meaning or purpose instead of appropriate use of the AAC app on said communication device.

Ummm yeah so that name is trademark pending so don’t go stealing that and meme-ing it up! Shewt.
Micah is non-verbal which basically just means he does not speak. He does a lot of verbal stimming and noise-making, but no language or use of words at all. He is working on using PECS at school and home and we are hoping he’ll one day transition to using his iPad as a text/type to talk device. His current SLP at his school thinks it is very possible because of his receptive language gains lately. We think so too. 🙂

So the first example I talked about here when Micah found a YouTube video about being afraid of the dark for his sister one day when she said she was scared.

The second example was when Micah kept repeating this scene from The Incredibles over and over until his sister finally said, “Micah! You ARE normal!”

This was tonight’s example:

From the other room, I hear this faintly about 25 times. My first reaction? Oh my word, Micah…knock it off! But, then something told me to go in there and see what was going on. I could SMELL what was going on before I even made it from the kitchen to the living room. Oh boy. 

Here was the “non-verbal scripting scene” he was replaying over and over… 

The President of the United States: Boys, set the terror level at code brown, ’cause I need to change my pants. – Monster vs. Aliens, 2009

Use your imagination…needless to say, he needed a diaper change. Wow. 

I’ll leave you with this interesting tidbit:  

Delayed echolalia has been defined as the “echoing of a phrase after some delay or lapse of time.” Persons with autism who repeat TV commercials, favorite movie scripts, or parental reprimands come to mind when we think of delayed echolalia. Delayed echolalia appears to tap into long-term auditory memory, and for this reason, may be a different phenomenon from immediate echolalia. Because it can involve the recitation of entire scripts, delayed echolalia, is often thought to denote evidence of near genius intellect. 

Just sayin’. Somebody might be a genius…shewt, who needs words when you have The Incredibles and Monsters v Aliens to do the talking?

Carry on, geniuses! 


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