Happy 5th Birthday!


We got some confused “looks” when we told them you were five years old today, when you couldn’t say hello back to the lady at your favorite restaurant. But, guess what? We didn’t care. You made us so happy when you smiled and even acted a little embarassed as those silly servers clapped and sang to you. You might be small for your age, but you’re certainly not a baby anymore! Oh, and when you were ready to leave, you were sure going to let Daddy know, weren’t you?

Five years ago, I had no idea…
I had no clue that your story, sweet precious boy, will help many babies get the treatment they deserve. Starting with your baby brother. We know he will be forever grateful. We will continue to tell your story so no child will ever suffer with undiagnosed CH. So parents will ask questions and demand the proper care for their children. So autistic children with medical conditions will get the proper treatment and won’t just be pushed aside with their conditions written off to “it’s just autism.”

A few weeks ago, for your birthday, mama wrote a blog for a very nice lady over at Hypothyroid Mom. Tonight, after dinner, she posted it for all her friends to see. She called it, Hypothyroidism and Autism: The Story of Micah Boy Genius. She thinks you’re pretty awesome too.

We love you, Micah. We are so proud of you and how without speaking a word have been a voice to change hearts and wake many up from the land of “wait-and-see.” Thank you for waking mama up. I needed that. 

Happy 5th Birthday! 


Mama Genius


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