5 year well-child visit success…

Micah’s Thyroid levels were great. TSH was 1.7 IU/ml, free t4 was 1.2 – these are best so far! He has been taking Armour for almost 1 year and we have seen MAJOR gains in his growth and development.

His liver enzymes were off a bit but not anything to worry about. His H&P went well, his height is below the 4th %tile and his weight was in the 44th %tile. 

He was all smiles and even let the doctor check his ears without kicking him in the stones. Bonus!

Aaaaaaand….the best part about this visit and all our visits…

His doctor cares enough to let us ask questions. We probably spent at least 45 minutes talking. He’s not an endocrinologist, but he understands the importance of thyroid health and the role it plays in development.  He reviewed Micah’s NBS results. O_o Disappointing, really. But he understood our concerns and is hopeful of Micah’s recovery from any damage he may have had to his brain.

This is the same Dr. who was/is an advocate for Baby Genius’ thyroid health from day one. Knowing our history, he ordered weekly tests up until his first endo visit to make sure he started treatment right away and got a fair start at development unlike so many other children in Michigan due to their new way of screening for CH since 2003:

On a more positive note, Micah’s BAER testing is on the 26th and depending on those results, we’ll decide what to do next. Micah’s next endo visit is in May, so if he won’t order the MRI, his doctor said to call and let him know and he’ll order it. 

And that’s how it’s done. I just wish more doctors would see the urgency in getting this inborn metabolic condition diagnosed and treated as soon as possible for the best outcome of our kids. 

Doctor-Patient relationships like this can’t be taken for granted. So thankful today. 

Carry on, geniuses.

– Mama Genius

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