One Big Happy Family

THERE IT IS.…your child just got diagnosed with autism. You’re in shock….or maybe you’re not, because you kinda figured it out already. You’re scared to death…or maybe you’re just relieved to have some answers. You’re mad at God….or maybe you’re just thankful there’s nothing life threatening going on. Or even worse, you feel all of the above.

You read all night. You hunt for answers all day. You want to do this the RIGHT way. You need a support group. You need people that understand….that know exactly how you feel. You find online communities useful. You can cut loose there. You can ask the questions you want and get the answers you need. You know… those clear cut, friendly answers from veteran autism parents. Except sometimes, those answers aren’t so friendly.

Sometimes you get three different answers for the same question. Sometimes the people giving you the three different answers get so mad at each other, they forget that you needed help. You look for friendship, and you find that not all autism parents are the same. You find this world is just like the rest of the world….only it’s nothing like the rest of the world. You begin to find friends….ones you can’t live without, and yet, you’ve never actually met them. You start realizing that nothing in this world is cut and dry, and everyone isn’t always supportive in the community that SHOULD be there for just that purpose.

And then….soon something happens. You find yourself stronger. You’re getting wiser. There’s a confidence growing in what YOU believe and what YOU think. You realize that the most important thing of all, isn’t having all of the right answers. It’s not winning a vaccine argument or giving the perfect foods. It’s being there 100% for your child. It’s living life to the fullest. It’s laughing, when everyone else would cry. It’s crying, when everyone tells you that you should be happy. It’s being honest with yourself. It’s not winning the most debates, but having the most love in your heart.

You stop taking on the world, and start paying attention to the little things. You see your child…not a diagnosis. You stop searching for your place and discover that you’ve found it. You realize that we are all so different…..and that’s alright. We all just want the same thing….THE very best for our children.

And the very best for our children, is giving the best of us.

Mutha Lovin’ Autism



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