A Mutha Lovin’ guest blogger!

There is a great Facebook Page out there called Mutha Lovin’ Autism that our family connected with a few months back and ever since, it’s like we’re old friends. I think community is huge deal for us autism parents. We need to support each other and lift each other up when we are feeling down. Erin is an amazing woman and her posts make us smile on a regular basis. She’s not just an autism parent, she an aspie like Grandpa and Daddy Genius. Oh, and she makes some pretty sweet pillows and other sewing creations over at A Daisy’s Daydreams.

Original Designs by “A Daisy’s Daydreams.” 

Here’s a little introduction:

“I’m Erin. I write over at Mutha Lovin’ Autism. I have Aspergers and four children with varying special needs on the spectrum. We aren’t about being perfect. We are about being honest, loving life and having a blast doing it.”

Check out her guest blog post at One Big Happy Family.



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