The Tale of two geniuses…

Not Trying > Trying

We wanted to start adding more children to our family right away, but we were going to just let God decide when that would be. After 9 months of “not trying” turning into “trying” to get pregnant, nothing. Okay, God, you must want us to enjoy each other and not get pregnant right away, then? Okay, that’s fine. Not really. Why weren’t we getting pregnant? This was getting a little ridiculous. My husband waited this long to start a family and he prayed for a large family with MANY children. When, Lord?

Then, right when we decided to stop “trying” and right before we decided we would do some testing to determine if there was something “missing” in the equation…we got those two little blue lines. We were finally pregnant! We found out on my oldest son’s 7th birthday. I’ll never forget it. What an awesome birthday present for “Big Bro Genius.” Then, to find out later we were having a boy? Even better!

In Sickness and in Health

I developed gestational diabetes during my pregnancy with Micah and I had horrible morning (all-day) sickness. I knew I would be forced to have a c-section because of my daughter’s emergency c-section delivery where they cut my uterus in a T-cut (TMI, I know.) putting me at risk for rupture if I wanted to consider VBAC. So, of course, we got to choose our due date. So, I had a choice of my best friend’s birthdate or the birthdate of my older two children’s father. Ummm, so I chose the obvious date, my best friend’s birthday. She was thrilled, but still forgets to this day it’s Micah’s birthday. Gotta love her. She’s like my sister and I am sure she is laughing right now if she is reading this.

Micah was born and we were thrilled! He was perfect! Little did we know what he would face during the next two years. From a botched circumcision to a failure to diagnose, it seemed like he couldn’t get a break! He was hospitalized for jaundice after his first well-child visit and then for next 2 years he would develop a series of medical issues that were unexplained. We were completely freaked out, to say the least. When we finally decided to get a second opinion, we are afraid it may have been too late. The damage had already been done to our little boy.

Then, after a year of treatment for hypothyroidism, we get the Autism diagnosis. We knew it would be a long road ahead of us. When one of us had a breakdown and just needed a good cry, we held the other one until we could let it all out. 

I researched and took advantage of the access I had to medical journals through the university I was attending. He prayed. I researched some more and we prayed together some more. I think we had a good balance of faith and science working in our favor at this point.

Another bundle of joy…

Then, just as we were trying to figure out what was going on with Micah, we find out we are pregnant with our son Eli. Very similar to when we found out about being pregnant with Micah, we found out on my daughter’s birthday that we were pregnant with Eli! She was thrilled…just not so thrilled that he would be a boy. So, we call her “Sissy” or the “Daughter Genius” for purposes of our blog/page.

Were we nervous? Yes. But not about autism. We were told he had a 2 vessel umbilical cord, some intrauterine growth restriction, enlarged kidneys, and spots on his heart.  My OB/GYN told us there was a 1 in 100 chance that Eli would have a genetic disorder or condition and said he would refer us to a geneticist to talk about risks and “options.” We both saw no need for this because even if they told us that Eli would have a birth defect or be disabled, we weren’t going to choose any of their “options.” We were going to love him just the way God made him.

I developed gestational diabetes with this pregnancy as well. This time, I needed insulin injections. I knew my blood sugars could harm Eli so I complied with diet and medications. I am Rh-neg so they expected me to get the Rhogam shot at some point during my pregnancy, but I refused it.  Of course, I researched and worried, but I also prayed. So did everyone else. We agreed to pray and ask God to restore his kidneys and heart so when he was born he would be a healthy baby boy. Well, little did we know, Eli’s condition would answer a lot of questions we had about Micah.

When Eli was born, his heart and kidneys were healthy!! Praise God! His blood sugar was a little low because of my diabetes so once that was under control our doctor made sure he was tested for congenital hypothyroidism (CH). This is a routine test done via the newborn screening. But, since we knew about Micah’s history, we wanted to be sure it was done and done accurately. Within a week, we had the results back showing Eli’s thyroid levels were low. This confirmed what we knew all along that Micah had CH for over 2 years and was never diagnosed despite ALL the symptoms!So, we went in for a heel prick test every week for 5 weeks before we could get into the pediatric endocrinologist to confirm he had CH. Then he was started on medication and he has been healthy ever since. He is probably the healthiest person in our entire household!

That’s just the beginning of the tale of two geniuses…


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