The Tale of the "Instant Family"

K West Photography

Saturday, we celebrated 6 years of marriage. I think of back when we exchanged vows, I knew my husband was taking on a HUGE responsibility not only marrying me (ha!) but also becoming a father to my 2 children from a prior relationship. That’s a whole different blog post, though.

My husband was an “old Christian,” he grew up in the church, he studied the Bible and studied the Bible and studied the Bible and oh did I mention, he studied the Bible? He could have been with any other single Christian female, yet he chose me. He courted me, he loved me, and he proposed to me!

He knew when I said I would marry him, he was going to be getting an “Instant Family.” What he didn’t know was what was to come after we said, “I do.” I don’t think either of us were prepared for what the future would bring us…

K West Photography

2 children, heartbreaks, worry, doubt, 1 diagnosis, Autism, CH, losing faith, healing, finding and receiving grace and mercy…not to mention…YouTube videos on repeat, poop stories, prolonged potty training, meltdowns, tantrums, doctors appointments, 5 hour long diagnostic testing….You name it, we’ve been there.

But we are still here. Still holding on. Our promises we made 6 years ago are still as fresh in our minds as they were on the day we made them. We continue to press on. We continue to CHOOSE love and stick together even in our worst moments. Sure, we get on each other’s nerves, A LOT, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve received healing for hurts we’ve held onto for years from our youth/past and we’ve come to terms with how our sovereign God indeed has a plan for our lives. He is orchestrating something much bigger than we could ever imagine. We’ll run this race to the finish and do whatever it takes to continue to choose love.  True love never fails. 


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