A heavy rainfall.

Yesterday I was driving home to Michigan from Illinois and I was caught in a downpour, to say the least. Yikes! Cars were pulling over to the sides of road to stop and wait. Some had their hazard lights on (including me) and some just drove along pretending there was no rain. It was a little ridiculous. But what do I know? I’m not a professional driver in the rain. Just ask my Grandma Genius. At one point, I remember telling my her that I wasn’t afraid to drive in the downpour, I was just a little curious about when it would stop. She agreed or she didn’t hear me. Either or, I was satisified with her response. lol 😉

So, I it got me thinking about us autism parents…a lot of us are just driving into the “downpour.” Our kids are non-verbal, we are just trying to figure out their sensory needs and making our respective lists of what triggers those lovely meltdowns. We are getting drenched right about now!!

I think my comment to Grandma Genius described how I feel right now. I am not afraid of autism. I’m a little nervous, so I do have my “hazard lights” on as I navigate…but really all I want to know is when will the rain let up? I know it can’t downpour FOREVER! Micah is getting older and learning more and more each day…I pray he gets more meltdown-free days as he gets older. I pray he learns to communicate better. I pray he speaks.  I pray, I research, I educate, I advocate…I continue on in this downpour. Slowly.

I refuse to park on the side of road until the rain let’s up. I won’t be one of those who give up. Autism doesn’t stop and neither will I. I will keep doing whatever possible to help my son. I’m also not going to be one of those people who just keep driving 75mph in a downpour. I realize when things get sticky…it’s time to slow down. Put the hazards on for a bit. It may take longer to get to the destination, but at least we are all in one piece, right? 

So, I ask…which one are you?

Are you like me? Do you need to slow down? Are you so afraid that you are pulling over to the sidelines and waiting? You may be waiting forever. Whatever you do, don’t turn off the engine. If you need to take a break. Do it. But don’t give up. Soon the downpour will end and the sun will be shining!


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