If I had no voice…

Daddy Genius got a well-deserved break from the kiddos this evening and went to the Night of Worship at our church. Not to play, but to join in corporate Worship with our church family. I pray he gets a faith re-charge tonight. 

Most don’t know that he is a VERY talented musician, photographer, writer, not-to-mention being a rock-star Dad. Since Micah’s regression, even before the diagnosis last year, he put most of what he loved to do on the back-burner to take on the role of stay-at-home Dad. I think he picked up his guitar for the first time last month during one of our church Life Groups and I could hear the sound of “relief” in his voice. He needed to play, sing, and just be in a place where he can receive from the Lord. His talents are God-given. He is usually very quiet and doesn’t talk much. But put a guitar in his hands and he comes alive! 

I am a very lucky woman to have him and I am certain our partnership was a match made in Heaven because I would have never thought in a million years he would have asked ME to be his wife. 😉

I often wonder if Micah will one day play like his Dad. I wonder if music will one day be his voice? There is a song we love by Colton Dixon that makes me think of Micah every time I hear the bridge:

I love that even if Micah never speaks, he and God have a special connection that I could never comprehend. He even has spiritual connections with people in my family that I believe with my whole heart are God-made. He is a special boy and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for his adult life. I am just amazed every day by him!

Have a great weekend all! 


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