Dear Family & Friends

Dear Family & Friends,

You are probably wondering why I am writing this. It’s really long overdue.

There ARE a few of you who understand, and we REALLY appreciate and love that you care enough to try – so to those of you who “get it,” keep on doing what you are doing. We love you and we are just trying to educate others and help them understand what our life is like.

So here goes…

We have 4 children, and one of those precious children is autistic. No, we are not using Autism as an excuse, but most of the time… when you want to know WHY we can’t show up or make it to these “typical” social gatherings, it’s NOTHING to do with YOU and ALL to do with Autism. Sometimes, Micah has days when we will refuse to put him or ourselves through the anxiety and stress that comes along with these “typical” events. 

It’s even a challenge getting out the door to go to church once a week. Then, once we make it there, there is no telling if he will be meltdown-free or if his separation anxiety will be at it’s peak.

When you invite us to a social gathering and we show up and leave in the same hour, don’t be surprised and please get over yourself. It’s not about you. It will NEVER be about you. It’s about Micah and our family. We will ALWAYS do what is best for us. 

We do realize you have your “typical” family issues like time management, kids sports, keeping the kids homework organized, keeping the family calendar straight…etc. We realize that can get stressful for you too. Guess what? We have ALL of that plus doctor visits, therapy appointments, medication dosing, supplement adjusting, meltdowns, and dealing with the high stress of raising a child on the spectrum.

Here are a few things we appreciate: 

We appreciate when you offer to babysit. Even if we decline, we appreciate you realizing we NEED a break.

We so appreciate and love that our church family “gets it” and loves us even if we have to bring Micah into the sanctuary or even if he has to bring his iPhone into the nursery to keep calm. 

We appreciate our family who understand why we have to have an alarm system on our doors just in case Micah were to open a door and wander outside. 

We appreciate you understanding why Micah can’t be left alone to play without supervision or we chance him having a poop smearing festival. 

We appreciate our neighbors who would know it is NOT NORMAL if Micah were to be by himself outdoors without supervision and would know to alert us. 

When you get offended because we haven’t visited you in awhile, please don’t put a guilt trip on us. That is not appreciated.

We appreciate you caring enough to follow our journey on this blog or Facebook. 


Mom & Daddy Genius 


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