MicahBoyGenius Supporters!

We want to give a shout out to all the pages that currently support MicahBoyGenius as of 09/07/2013: 

Autistic Kidz Rock
‘I AM’ For Kids
Single Mothers who have Children with Autism
Mile in His Shoes
Kippers Krew An Autism Awareness Page
Save Babies Through Screening Foundation
HUGS From Dustyn
John Obie Independent Academy
Super Skylers Prayer Warriors
Peewee Can
Sunshine Smiles- Abigail’s Story
Stories from the Sandbox
Autism Sparkles
Will’s Incredible Journey with Autism
M&Z autism with a deletion
Snug Vest by Squeezease Therapy Inc.
PEC’s, visual aids, hear, learn how they may help ASD children.
Life With Autism (Team Hunter)
Melt down versus tantrum, defining the difference.
PASS it on, SHARE a page or link. Pay it forward.
Story-Time. Strange, Wonderful, & Weird behaviours.
Verbal ASD-Communcation? What is that, please explain?
Autism & Asperger Syndrome evolution in progress
ASD limited emotional response’s, are they really what they seem?
Autism Made My Day
Mommy’s & Daddy’s of Special Kids
Pray for Alyee
Crystal’s journey with type 1 diabetes
Autism Never Sleeps
Ollie’s world, living with Autism
Kind Cards for Sick Kids and Soldiers
Action Autism
Life With Legos
Autism Is Not The Boss of Me
Spectrum Kids In The Outdoors
Autism Art
Team Ayden Racing ~ Autism Awareness
Blue Skyes Over Autism
Spouse,Kids and Special Needs aren’t things issued in a Seabag?
On Cloud 9 with Autism
I’m A Mom Too
Khans journey with Autism
Life With Asperger’s
> Autism
Teaming Up For Teddy
Butterfly Angel Creations
Autistic Bear Hugs
Kaden’s Asperger World
The Autistic Princess
Autism-the lighter side
Missing Autism Alerts
My Quirky Son
Jessicas journey
Autism and Psychological Services
One Au-some family
FACE Essex
MAIN – Taking Autism Personally
Nick’s Page for Autism Awareness
Peeling Back the Onion Layers
TLC Faith and Prayer Ministry
My Beautiful Puzzle – A Blog about Working to Heal yet Accept Autism
Korbin Rush
Misty’s Thoughts
My Journey Through Autism
Autism-My piece to the puzzle
Cheyanne’s Journey
Ryan The Lion
The Mighty Mr. M vs Autism
Living in the Mixing Bowl With Autism
Aiden’s Autism Army
Autism through the eyes of us all
This is Jacob’s page about his journey.
A Legion for Liam
Seeds2Sprouts (An Autism Journey)
Awesome Out Loud
Team Amir
Daniel Bury Music
“Mommy Buddy” from the planet Autism
WTH ? Autism
Dreaming of Unicorns
Autism, I am just along for the ride.
Advocates For Autism
More Potatoes Please
Autism with a side of fries
Team Bradley
The Autism Puzzle (alternative medicine)
Autistic Adventures of TnT

I made a word cloud via Tagul using all the names of the pages who support our page and the words that show up the BIGGEST are what we ALL have in common!

We love you and thank you for your support!

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