“Good-Looking” & “Quiet Hands”

After beginning thyroid replacement therapy, diet changes, b-12 injections, and adding supplements to Micah’s routine…we embarked on a whole new world of home visits and therapies. It was as if we had to learn a whole new language to communicate with our son! Our new vocabulary consisted of “good-looking” when he was giving us eye contact, and “quiet hands” when we were at the grocery store and he started to do his verbal “stimming” in his own little language. Sentences turned into 1-2 word phrases like “Micah look!” and “Micah UP!”

We moved cities after only a few months of home visits and immediately got connected with the special education services in our new community. Even though Micah wasn’t exactly pre-school age, he qualified to transition to the Autism Preschool at the local learning center. At this point, we did not have an “official” ASD diagnosis, but he still qualified under “early childhood developmental delay.” What an amazing establishment! He started at the end of January 2012, right before he would be turning 3. 

His program consists of Direct Trial Training (a form of ABA therapy) and the PECs (Picture Exchange Communication) program. He is really flourishing in this program. His major challenge is during speech therapy. He does not want to form any words! However, he is a pro at chunky puzzles and motor skill activities. Stay tuned!!